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Robert Lund - Man About Town
"I get all my news from the Waste down!"

May or May Not


New York Waste, June. 2002


Another month has whizzed by, I've been running about town as usual, and I've got more things to tell you about than could ever fit in my little column. One major event for me in May was the first LUNDORAMA party at Don Hill's on May 8. (Screw writing it up under a pseudonym so I could rave unabashedly - it's my party and I'll gush if I want to.) Reactions of the Wednesday Rock Candy crowd were great, and everyone seemed to love it. Not only the comments about all the great tunes I DJ'd from my varied collection, but people were thrilled by several bands fairly new to the Don Hill's venue.

The night started off with Foreign Legion, performing songs from a rock opera by leader Jason Grant called "Hooligan Wars", about British football (soccer) violence in 1980s. Old school punk rockers, heavily influenced by the likes of The Damned. Guest vocalist Patti Rothberg did a moving "The Girl Next Door" (Jason's just not one of those drag Brits). Jesse Malin played Don Hill's every Wednesday in May, and he sounded better than ever. At a Jesse gig, you step outside of crazy rock-n-roll frenzy mode, and he reminds us of the importance of singing heartfelt shit. People love him and his songs, saying he's gotten "more sincere" through the years. Two great female-led bands followed - Mahavatar and 69 Nova. Mahavatar's Lizza (who many people know from her frequent BITCH night performances) blows crowds away with her powerful delivery. She can carry a sweet melody with her lovely voice, but also often roars the lyrics in a spine-chilling way, a perfect match for her heavy tight band. Tuesday of 69 Nova is another powerful singer, not quite as fierce as Lizza, with a more feminine emphasis, combining rap stance and belly-dancing movements in a uniquely seductive way. Most folks assumed this LUNDORAMA thing was the first of a regular series, and that's quite possible. The next one is July 10th at Don Hill's.

Alright, enough about my party. Another high point in May was Joey Ramone's birthday party at Bowery Ballroom (covered elsewhere in this issue).

The month was closed out at Continental on May 31 with a great CD Release Party for Gaggle of Cocks. Many have seen this band during the past year with the Bullys' BeerTruck on bass (who was great), but as of this show, their original bass player Freddy has rejoined tham, back from a stay in Europe, and they sound better than ever. Freddy, who plays on the new CD "American Trash," maintains a serene demeanor, almost like he's meditating, while his fingers hammer out intense bass patterns - rapid-fire syncopation from a place of peace. Awesome! Along with their drummer Jarrod, these guys make the term "power trio" sound inadequate. It was lead singer Pat Harrington's birthday, so the place was packed with Irish Catholics from Queens, including mom & dad and a plethora of relatives and friends (a bit like when the Heffernan's filled the place for Johnny Heff's tribute last year). Pat has a way of growling his lyrics that twists your gut. This is serious metal music, leaving familiar 1-4-5 patterns behind. Weird intervals and powerful off-beat rhythms keep your eyes wide open. Representative chorus: "We're the pigz of agony / The fucking pigz of agony / I'm a fucking pig / And you're all fuckin pigs." Yeah, let it out, Pat! Gaggle of Cocks will be playing at the next Lundorama, Don Hill's July 10. Don't miss 'em.


Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone the song is over, thought I'd something more to say.

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