RL History
(Escape From Nerdhood)

A Danish-American GI from Brooklyn married a French girl after the war,
and they had a son back in the USA. 
Bobby played the role of a "typical" American Christian Family boy.
His Church-centric Dad even did Boy-Scouty things with him.

Lucienne (Mom) - 1946

Carl (Dad) & Bobby - 1956

Later, he sang doo-wop wid duh guys in duh streets, men's rooms, and subways. His retarded development resulted in a lingering falsetto voice, which facilitated the high lead solos.

RL & the Guys-1961

He married his teenage girlfriend (acquired by default over the other Special One from duh guy on duh right above, who eventually married her).
All four friends attended both weddings.
(for further details & developments in that area, see recent Interview)

SJ & RL - 1967

JK - 1992

As a young married man, he played at adult roles while The Others were still children-at-home.

Lund Kids - 1968
RL + David
Michelle + Jackie
More pix of the siblings through the years

The childhood marriage did produce an Onlybegotten Son,
with whom he became closer friends once he lived away from The Boy's Mother.

Dad & Son - 1977

The Only Son left his dad's "hip" home after a few years. He soon realized that life was real, the street sucked, and he reallocated a [good] portion of his mind and energies to "serious" matters.

At UC Berkeley - 1997
His views on Berkeley

The Other Siblings grew into widely disparate folk, seeing each other only occasionally.

Siblings - 1998
Michelle + David + Jackie + Bobby

The Eldest Lad and the Youngest Lass became the closest "soulmates" from amongst the four.

Michelle's daughter Jamie + RL + Michelle - 1998

Friendship between Father and Son continues to grow as they do, albeit on opposite Coasts.

Dad & Son - 1998

His 2nd marriage in 1986 to Zoë resulted in a Deep, Dark Decade Downtown.

Zoë - 1988

They had been developing a modified friendship since their breakup in 1997, until her death in April 1999.

Zoë - 1998

Zoë Web Site

Meanwhile, he continues his education in every way he can,
Nevada - 1998

whilst remembering to Keep Having Fun -
on the road...
and at home.

(to be continued...)

(Like I said, this was just an early draft of a history. It ends in 1998, omitting years of ever-expanding club life leading god-knows-where.
Meanwhile, see more pix [earlier & later] at RL Pix and the rest of Lundo's Pages.)