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RL History This micro-bio was my first exercise in creating web pages back in 1998. Lotsa pix, and it omits the past several fun-filled years, but it outlines the basic story.
RL in Print Published matter by and about Lundo.
RL Pix A gallery of photos of yours truly over the decades.
Hole in the Head Explanation of my cranial orifice, and holes in the skull generally (i.e., trepanation)
Homes A couple of places I've lived in Manhattan
Perfect Strangers I played keyboards in this band from 1976-82. I know, it wasn't rock-n-roll, but I liked it, liked it, yes I did.
Nunhead Cemetery I walked through this South London graveyard many times whilst living across the street in 1998. Intense.
Other RL's Looking for a different Robert Lund? Here are some others.

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