Virtual Tip Jar

Many people have told me how much they love this gallery of Danceteria flyers, how they bring back memories of the best times of their lives. I've augmented my collection with many flyers scanned by Danny C. and others posted to the danceterianyc Yahoo Group.

That Yahoo Group turned out to be way more than I'd expected. Now I've got folks thanking me not only for the flyers collection, but for putting them back in touch with long-lost friend, and for reawakening the dormant 1980s party persona within them.

We're all accustomed to dropping a buck when a bartender spends a minute mixing us a drink, so I thought some of you might be willing to show your appreciation with a donation to an unemployed genius for all this work. If so, just click on the button below to transfer as much as you like to me using PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, just sign up for one - it makes online shopping so easy!