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Psychedelic Renegades: Syd Barrett
December 12th - January 25th 2003
Private Reception Dec 12th, 7-10pm

One of the most enigmatic artists of all time, Syd Barrett continues to influence each successive generation of musicians. Breaking the rules through his work with the early Pink Floyd and his later solo records The Madcap Laughs, Barrett and Opel, his legacy only grows stronger throughout the years. On the heels of his sellout volume Psychedelic Renegades (Genesis Publications), which features Barrett, legendary photographer Mick Rock will exhibit an exclusive showing of photographs of Syd Barrett, that are both iconic and intimate, at Fuse Gallery from December 12-January 25.

London-born Mick Rock was Syd Barrett's high school friend and the last person to interview Barrett for Rolling Stone Magazine in 1971. In the late '70s, Rock moved to New York where he continues to live and thrive.

Known for his famous shots of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Queen, The Sex Pistols and Blondie, Rock started his career in the late '60s, capturing the music scene of London and New York. Mick is responsible for many famous Album covers including: David Bowie-Space Oddity 1971, Lou Reed-Transformer 1972 and Coney Island Baby 1975, Iggy And The Stooges-Raw Power 1973, Queen-Queen II 1974 and Shear Heat 1975, The Ramones-End Of The Century 1979, Mott The Hoople-All The Young Dudes 1973, Roxy Music, The Dead Boys and many others. Rock recently shot Third Eye Blind, in the basement of Lit Lounge NYC, for their upcoming CD.

Mick Rock was also a pioneer of music videos, shooting David Bowie's Life On Mars, 1973. Space Oddity and Jean Genie, 1972. These promo films were re-released this year by Virgin Records on the new David Bowie music video DVD compilation, Best Of Bowie. In edition, Rock was hired by 20th Century Fox to shoot all the promotional stills for The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975.

Rock has released photographic books on some of the most influential rock icons of our time. Having recently released the successful Blood and Glitter (Vision On 2001), a compilation of famous shots from the 70's glam scene, he has also gained media attention for Moonage Daydream (Genesis 2002) a co-collaboration with David Bowie of Rock's work during the Ziggy Stardust era. During this era Rolling Stone Magazine hired Mick to shoot David Bowie for its 1972 cover. In 1995 he released Mick Rock: A Photographic Record 1969-80 (Century22) and in 2000, Raw Power-Iggy And The Stooges 1972 (Creation).

Mick Rock is once again in the pop culture forefront, shooting such stars as Jimmy Fallon, Supergrass, Kelly Osborne, Third Eye Blind and the Chemical Brothers. However, his work with friend and former roommate Syd Barrett still resonates with fans today. "I see what someone's doing and I tend to riff off of that," says Rock. "Syd was a great subject because he looked good and he was incredibly talented. He had great natural charisma."

The author of the last recorded interview with Barrett (published in a 1971 issue of Rolling Stone), Mick Rock says he feels the time is right for a new group of fans to discover what made Syd Barrett such an icon. He also likes the synergy of holding the exhibit at Fuse, a partnership of New York artists and musicians who have founded a gallery and a bar lounge Lit, aimed at the most cutting edge participants in the city's cultural community. Called "the art-scene version of the celebrity-packed club Moomba during its heyday" by the New York Times, Fuse is gaining a fast reputation as one of the best young galleries to see cutting edge work by local and international artists such as H.R.Giger, Paul Booth and Winston Smith.

"The reason I'm doing the show in the East Village is it's got an underground vibe to it," explains Rock. "Syd is about as cult as cult can get. He hasn't made a record since 1970 and he didn't make that many when he was around, but his cult has grown because the Floyd got to be such a huge band. Everyone still wants to know about him."

35 limited edition prints will be available for sale along with Mick's books Psychedelic Renegades and Moonage Daydream.

Please join Mick Rock and friends at the opening reception
Thur. December 12th, from 7-10pm PM.

"Psychedelic Renegades: Syd Barrett by Mick Rock"
December 12-January 25
Fuse Gallery
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