Lundo in Print

About Robert Lund:
May 16, 1980 - Entitled Lund - Virtuosity On Another Keyboard, this piece gave young Lund an opportunity to rave about the unique random-access video equipment he maintained, and expound upon the virtues of user-friendliness.
Business Screen
Oct. 1980 - Editing Videotape with Computers - a similar interview by Jim Lindner, discussing the future of technology and the importance of human factors in design.
Video Trade News March 1982 - announcing that Lundo had finally quit his management job and formed his own company, Robert Lund Associates. Things got complicated. (Dream on, dream on...)
NY Press May 2001 - Lundo is spotted at Don Hill's by NY Press columnist Ned Vizzini.
Debutante Dinner June 2002 - Interview with "Man About Town" in the first [and last...] issue of Debutante Dinner, a free NYC rock 'n' roll magazine.
Punk Magazine June 2002 - Glowing review by John Holstrom of Lundo's rendition of Teenage Lobotomy at a Don Hill's Ramones tribute.
NY Waste Dec. 2003 - Lucky Lawler printed this lovely passage, which Lundo had stuck at the end of an e-mail message, The Paper seemed far away. But Lucky saves things for filler, and he was quite surprised.
But it really does fall off the tongue rather well — possibly suitable for daily meditation.

By Robert Lund:
Backstage article May 31, 1980 - Future Technology and Video Production - Young software dude Lundo foretells of a rapidly growing computerization of society, based on early signs, and anticipates a random-access future.
Psycho Moto Zine Winter 2000 issue printed two stories I wrote. I submitted Mikey's Tale , and he said, "got more?", so I sent him a tale of Pop Rock Fever.
NY Waste Columns "Robert Lund - Man About Town" - monthly column in NY Waste; I sent in a single report on the White Trash BBQ in Sept. 2001, and they just keep comin'; I am a bit habit-prone.
The Howard Marks
Book of Dope Stories
This compendium (Fall 2001) included my Mikey's Tale and Zoë Lund's short story Cul de Sac, among many other drug tales of all kinds, by every kind of person. The first time I'd gotten any of her work published, and I was published in the same book. Aw... sweet.
Die Welt (Berlin) Article for the Feb 22 2003 (weekend) Kunstmarkt section of this newspaper; about the work of artist Wojtek Ulrich.