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Marathon Holiday Partying

New York Waste, Jan. 2002


Well hello fellow folks about town. I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and is having a happy new year so far. This holiday season put party people to the test, with all the marathon events in December, starting with the 10-bands+Bullys Johnny Heff tribute I told y'all about last time.

Motor City's Christmas party on Sunday the 9th lasted from 8PM-4AM, and drew a great crowd. The invite had specified "semi-formal" wear, and most of these punkoids took the opportunity to dig out their fanciest rags for the occasion, giving the party a "prom night" look.

Then on the 13th there was a Christmas Benefit for Children of Lost Firefighters at CBGBs. 29 of the 31 scheduled bands played, stretching that party out to 7 hours. The bands were all named on the back page ad of last month's NY Waste, but I was particularly blown away by Joy Ryder, the Drossells, the Fleshtones, the Bullys with guest guitarist Bobby Steele, James Chance, Shirley Temple of Doom, Oscar & the Pidgin Sisters and more (apologies to my friends too numerous to mention). Host Frank Wood kept things moving along swiftly. The guitar put up for raffle was won by my buddy Danny, who, as I expected of a cool dad who doesn't play guitar, immediately declared he was giving it to his 8-year-old son - way to go, pops!

I just managed to get enough rest for the Continental's Xmas party the very next night, where a plethora of great bands played, including USA Wasted, Charm School, Suicide King, Dirty Mary, Kung Pao, Hollywood Superstars, Graveyard Slut, the Drossells.

Like some people I know, I got sick around Christmas. It's hard to blame it on the weather, which stayed pretty mild for weeks. I suspect it might've had something to do with the drain of incessant partying. Better by New Year's, I was ready for another long night - rock-n-roll dancing at Green Door starting at 11, and Motherfucker from 4-8AM took about all the energy I'd stored up during my Xmas week convalescence. I dunno, it felt good to take a rare break, but the calendar is filling up fast with great times through the month. Guess I'll just rock till I drop (which better not be soon)!