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Tastyfish Studios - The End

New York Waste, Oct. 2001

On Sept. 1st, there was a Demolition Party at Tastyfish Studios, 110 Ridge St., in dishonor of their recent eviction.

Tastyfish was created in 1995, back when rents were low and the neighborhood was funky, by Steve Pang and two partners. Its primary purpose was to serve as a rehearsal space for Steve's band, but over the years it was used by a number of local bands, including Helldorado, Graveyard Slut, The Memphis Morticians, The Carvels, Angel Rot, Blind Pharaohs, Vulgaras, and of course, Deviant Behavior. Rates were low (or non-existent), just enough to cover expenses, and there was a kind of community spirit among the musicians who rehearsed there, and sometimes had barbeques in the adjoining empty lot. DB's Pat Pervert, in addition to helping manage the place along with Morgan, also took up residence in a small basement room during the past months after losing his place.

The low rent brought along with it certain anomalies, as everywhere. One time Steve found a dead rat in the toilet (I remember how a number of our pet rats on 10th St. had drowned while trying to get a drink when we forgot to shut the toilet, but this was one of those big ugly street monsters.) When Steve and Pat were removing the carcass from the bowl, they discovered a second bloated rat underwater. Yeah, ya take what ya can get.

It wasn't an entirely typical rehearsal experience for the bands either. During Deviant Behavior rehearsals, Kaya Chaos would often remove articles of clothing throughout the session, winding up naked by the end. She'd roam the halls nude, often stopping in to see how bands in other rooms were doing. Distraction or perk? Probably both!


Anyway, the landlord, Ridge Street Associates, decided to erect a new building on that empty lot, incorporating the first floor of the studio's two-story structure, which meant Steve and his biz would have to go. Steve's looking to relocate the studio in Williamsburg, home to many refugees of Lower East Side renovation. As a statement of "You want a condemned building, we'll give you a condemned building!", it was decided to reduce to rubble all traces of the former studios (after removing the equipment, of course). 25-30 people showed up, most bringing along their favorite tool of destruction (as the invite suggested).. The group vented their rage upon walls, furniture, floors, and anything in sight using hammers, saws, knives, spray paint cans, fire extinguishers, even a pick-axe (although the early demolition of the upstairs toilet was probably a mistake, as everyone had to avoid the leaking water throughout the festivities).

The experience left all trashers with a deep sense of satisfaction, and most finished off the party with drinks at nearby Motor City.