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Robert Lund - Man About Town
"I get all my news from the Waste down!"

Summer Daze


New York Waste, Sept. 2002

Amazing. The end of August seems to have arrived in no time, yet the beginning of July seems like so long ago. Time remains the great mystery. But I digress (already) - let me try to tell you about my summer.

My personal high point had to be Operation Bob. Friends had grown tired and frustrated with telling me to get my hernia sewn up, and with my telling them I couldn't afford it, so Rafael Sanchez and Ann conceived of a benefit concert to help me. They enlisted Frank Wood and Kipp Elbaum, who put together a great show at LUXX on July 21st, with especially heartfelt performances by Flying 66, Graveyard Slut, Detox Darlings, The Drossells, Queen V, Toilet Boy Sean and Theo (doing two songs especially written for the occasion), Charm School, and even Dead Combo. And I got to DJ for a good part of the evening. Even more than the cash I was given, I was moved by the love and concern shown by so many people. Frank is planning to issue a DVD of the show as well. Most importantly, this motivated me to take care of the thing, and after six weeks of dealing with hospital bureaucracy and inertia, I have been sewn up and am presently recuperating. Thank you all!!

OK - despite having to stick my guts in regularly wherever I go, I did get around town quite a bit this summer, and have a few things to tell you about.

On July 6 I was dazzled by Uncle Fucker at CBGBs. Characterized as "grand old back-alley grass core", this troupe performs bluegrass standards to a hardcore beat. Lead singer, guitarist and former truck driver Slick Dick Grizzly, complete with purple lamé jeans, cowboy hat, and gold tooth, is supported by bass, drums, banjo, a lovely lady on electric fiddle (sometimes joined by two more!), and The Fuckerettes, four (count 'em!) sexy babes in purple bikinis and cowboy hats, go-going and lassoing to the hardcore beat. Man, this is hardcore showbiz! Check out (you gotta hand it to a band with a link to on their main page).

Then on July 11 I experienced the inverse at Hayseed Dixie's Bottom Line show. This bona fide bluegrass/hillbilly band has released two hot-selling CDs entitled "A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC" and "A Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love", the latter consisting of popular rock hits of the 1980s. They assert that Hank's Lonesome Highway and the Highway to Hell are one and the same road, and prove it. I've been playing these tracks in various clubs where I DJ, and the energy these five guys give these familiar tunes gets everyone excited and hopping. Hayseed Dixie really rocks, with hillbilly roots, giving us a fresh look at some old rock and metal standards. Pity we were constrained to sitting at tables at the Bottom Line. Learn more at

Don Hill's provided us with the two best BITCH shows to date in July and August, with exceptional opening bands. In July, ROCK CITY MORGUE from New Orleans drove the crowd wild. Lead singer Rik Slave has retained all the unique charm and delivery we loved when he sang with Man Scouts of America before relocating to Louisiana last year. Bassist Sean Yseult (formerly of White Zombie), guitarists Rhoades and Johnny, and drummer Brueggens support Rik's vocals with down-n-dirty rock-n-roll with a dark demented edge.

August's BITCH lineup was preceded by the very special SEX SLAVES, an "unofficial" band consisting of members of other bands "just having fun" - Eric and Bry'n of Queen V, Marty (formerly of The Slags), and Ancel of PUSH. They were joined by a gaggle of sexy chicks and dudes cavorting about the stage and singing harmony and/or guest lead, and they put on a wild and naughty show which got the crowd rather riled up and just in the mood for the BITCHES which followed. We hope these guys find the spare time to perform once in a while.

Alright, your man about town has been home for a week healing, but September's calendar is filling up fast with stuff to do. When I went down a week ago, it was still summer, but now it looks like Leather Jacket Weather. I'll see y'all out and about, no doubt. Over and out.