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Bikers and Movies

New York Waste, Oct. 2005

On Sept. 10th the 2nd Annual Indian Larry Grease Monkey Block Party was held on North 14th St. in Williamsburg, the site of Larry's shop Gasoline Alley. Larry's a guy I really wish I had met. A master motorcyclist, machinist, metal sculptor, stunt performer, and all-around wonderful human being, he was killed last year in an accident while doing one of his famous stunts.

I'm grateful to Sea Monster for letting me know about this event, as I'm not so hooked in with the biker culture. The sight of the entire 14th St. block lined with powerful bikes was exhiliarating, and the crowd of friends and would-be friends gathered in Larry's honor was warm and friendly, talking and enjoying franks and burgers and beer in and around Gasoline Alley. When Sea Monster took the stage at one end of the street, they looked over the gathering crowd to the setting sun across the East River at the other end - a great set. Everyone was glad to see Arthur launch into Just Gimme A Beer with his classic energy, almost fully recovered from his recent back injury. And the band - wow, it shows what excellence 25 years of working and grooving together can produce. Numerous ladies danced in the space in front of the stage, and there was plentiful bumping, grinding, and even some revealing of flesh. The sun was down by the end of Sea Monster's set, and the crowd returned to party in the fresh darkness.

Earlier that Saturday, and Sunday and Monday, I also went to the first annual E.VIL CITY FILM FESTIVAL. Film director Jim Muscarella (Bellmore: The Unscene and White Trash BBQ) put together three days of shorts, features, documentaries, animations, and rock videos by local downtown artists, with Monday night awards party at Otto's Shrunken Head. I caught some great short films, plus a 1992 B&W film called What About Me (by and starring Rachel Amodeo, with Richard Hell, Nick Zedd, Johnny Thunders, and many others), Deathdealer, a mockumentary starring Henry Rollins, and We Jam Econo - The Story of The Minutemen, and missed many more. The full listing of great films you probably missed is at the website I made, along with the award winners and photos; watch for news of next year's festival. It's always great to be reminded how rewarding it can be to take in something other than rock n roll - I'll be sure to catch many more films next time.